Singing Valentines 2023

This survey is to identify how well you know each song and what roles you can help with to make Singing Valentines, hybrid edition, a success this year.  The goal is to have everyone sing in a quartet.  Consider helping with one of the necessary supporting roles regardless!

Select the quartet(s) you plan to sing with.  Select Pickup to be available for an ad hoc quartet.

What part or parts are you willing to sing?

Below are the songs every quartet will offer to sing.  Please note whether you just need to review it or learn it for the parts you have designated.  Select both if you know it already for one part but need to learn another.

ReviewLearnBoth (know some, learn others)
Happy Together
Heart of My Heart
Let me Call you Sweetheart
I Just Called to Say I Love You
You've got a Friend in Me

Select times you expect to be available on Valentine's Day, February 14, which falls on a Tuesday this year. If these exact times don't work for you, select the ones that are closest and someone (see other roles below!) will try to sort things out.

In personZoom studioIn person and/or Zoom
8am to noon
Noon to 4pm
4pm to 8pm

There are a number of activities that contribute to making Singing Valentines a success.  Please consider volunteering for one of them.  They are:

  • Help form pickup quartets.  Encourage folks to form quartets, assembles pick-up quartets, reminds people of the importance of learning, practicing, and rehearsing.
  • Help create delivery schedule.  Set up and maintain the schedules for in-person and virtual deliveries. Might be NP complete (joke for the software geeks).
  • Help monitor orders.  Assist Jim and Chris to monitor incoming orders and deal with any issues.
  • Help coordinate day-of deliveries.  Serve as the primary point of contact for quartets on V-Day while they are providing in-person deliveries.
  • Help market Singing Valentines.  Get the word out on social media, our email list, and anything else that will fill our delivery schedule.
  • Help with the virtual studio.  Be backup for Jim and Chris running the virtual delivery studio at the church.
YesIf Needed
Help form quartets
Help create delivery schedule
Help monitor and respond to incoming orders
Help manage deliveries on V-Day
Help market Singing Valentines
Help Jim and Chris with the virtual (zoom) studio