Singing Valentines coming soon!

The SeaChordsmen are working on a plan to deliver a Singing Valentine to your sweetheart again this year!  We will be streaming quartets live over Zoom.  Click here for more info.


The Seattle SeaChordsmen are proud to support Scout Troup 72 each year by helping out at their Christmas tree lot. Proceeds from the sales of these trees go to support the Scouts, the Queen Anne Food Bank, and the Seattle SeaChordsmen. Word on the street is that these are some of the best trees to be found in Seattle!

Looking for your tree for this year? Head to the Safeway on upper Queen Anne -- you'll find the lot on the north side of the store. Thanks for your support!

Pictured here is Rod, SeaChordsmen bass (and longtime board treasurer) posing with the trees.


We know - it's BARELY November, but the Seattle SeaChordsmen have been hard at work pulling the pieces together for our 2021 Holiday Postcard -- Warm and Fuzzy. Here you can see just a small taste of what's to come, with storyboarding and choreography by our own creative mastermind Jim Durand, and music mixing already in process by the infinitely patient Saulius Matas. Yes, there will be Santa hats and cheesy smiles! Here we are briefly unmasked for some short, ultra-low-respiratory lip synching. Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel for more info as we come closer to the holidays!

Here's a video of some of some in-process performance masterminding!

Singing again!

A SeaChordsmen VLQ (Very Large Quartet) was invited to sing at the special Queen Anne Farmer's Market Pumpkin Patch day on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  This was our first live public outing since our Holiday Show in 2019, and the quartets that delivered Singing Valentines in February, 2020.   It was great to be back!

It still being an active pandemic and all, we actually wore masks while singing, but we were smiling broadly behind them!

A contingent of singers gathered at Cogir on Queen Anne on Sunday to celebrate the 93rd birthday of SeaChordsman Jim Smith. We surprised him (with the help of his niece), and cajoled him into joining us for some quartet and large-group singing. Congratulations to Jim on marking his 66th year as a SeaChordsman, and happy birthday!!

Curious to hear a clip? Here's Jim singing lead on Sweet and Lovely with bass Mike, baritone Bill, and tenor Ed.

In honor of the opening of Sound Transit extending light rail to Northgate, the Seattle SeaChordsmen are proud to present the Northgate Link Line song!  The arrangement is the classic B&O Line with lyrics specially written by our own Drew Robinson.  Earlier this year the SeaChordsmen were able to start rehearsing together, safely, in the Northgate station parking garage by special arrangement with Sound Transit.  We present this song to thank them.


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