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We had fun singing to passers-by at the Queen Anne Farmers Market this week! There were fifteen chorus members, total, who came together to entertain the crowds. We may have entertained even more folks during our post-farmers market afterglow! 

Come check out our rehearsal some Tuesday evening, or swing by at the QAFM. We will probably be crooning away most Thursday afternoons this summer. Stop by and say hi!

The chorus is on a roll! We were happy to learn that two new (former) guests have joined the chorus officially -- just between last week's rehearsal and this week's rehearsal! We're so happy to have Rosemary join our team of leads, and Glenda is joining the distinguished baritone section. We're so happy you've joined the chorus!

A giant cheers and thank you to the crew that made the set for It's a Pirate's Love for Me so appealing! Jim D was the mastermind behind the set and staging, Mindy took point on props, Aaron provided a space to do all of the set construction and painting, and lots of chorus members pitched in with paint, supplies, time, and moving things around to make the show happen. You all are rock stars!

Here's some set prep in the run-up to the show:

We're STILL riding high from our fantastic summer show - A Pirate's Love for Me!, which went off without a hitch over the weekend!

All of that plus our NINE GUESTS at rehearsal this week! It was a great rehearsal and our guests brought incredible positive energy and talents. We hope they all come back!

But wait -- there's more! It was also CC's birthday! We had a great time at afterglow, singing show songs, polecats, and a handful of tags. 

Here's guest Nathan singing a tag at the end of the night with CC, Aaron, and Billy.

We had an EXCELLENT time performing for a sold-out audience last weekend! Thank you for coming to our show! Keep your eyes on our social media channels for more -- including a video of the show in a couple of weeks!

We couldn't be more pleased with how things went. Cheers to our fearless leaders, Elizabeth and Chris, and thanks to everybody who pitched in in a variety of ways. It truly takes a village to put on a pirate musical!

Harmony College Northwest was a smashing success! Barbershoppers from around the Northwest converged in Tacoma for a weekend of coaching, learning from world class teachers, and lots of fun and singing.

A handful of SeaChordsmen participated in Harmony Platoon to kick off the weekend, by learning five songs and participating in low-stakes (and very fun) random-draw quartet singing with two dozen other singers from the district. We performed as a chorus for all of the weekend attendees, above. Here are our singers in quartet action:


Chris and Tyler:

A happy, happy birthday (and thank you for the delicious cake!) to John, who celebrated his birthday during rehearsal this week.

Here he is directing part of the closing song:

Johns fiancé joined us at afterglow, and we even got her to sing a tag. Actually, she volunteered! Check it out:


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