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If we've said it once, we've said it a million times... There's not much we love more than singing a tag with a guest. Here's Jeff singing lead last night on When Happy Little Bluebirds Fly -- we hope to see him next week!

Come join us some Tuesday evening and sing a tag with us!

(The attached image is what we look like as we prepare to sing a tag! All the thinking...)

How early does a chorus need to start prepping Christmas songs in order to be ready to present a polished holiday concert in December? Here's a clue from our September 6 rehearsal:

Three cheers to Pete and Jim for hosting the chorus - and their charming neighbors - for our annual summer picnic. Delicious food, perfect weather, a beautiful backyard to hang out with, and music. We had so much fun!

Did we take the opportunity to sing (almost) every song we possibly could? YES. Did Elizabeth take the opportunity to turn the gathering into a bonus rehearsal? YES! Video evidence can be found at the bottom of this post. 

We're so lucky to have Billy in our chorus - he creates birthday songs for friends, records learning tracks for us, and writes and arranges. Here's a tag he wrote and taught a few of us after rehearsal the other night - another great one!

After a couple of years with no National Night Out, the SeaChordsmen were back this year, taking advantge of the opportunity to visit our Queen Anne neighbors. We split into two group and made our way to a dozen different gatherings in the area, spreading music! Here's one crew performing:

Here we are smiling and singing as we walk from stop to stop:

We sang to several hundred of our Queen Anne neighbors!

We're polishing our Traveling Road-Show during our rehearsals this month, and we're learning a tag so that we can teach it during the show! Here we are taking our first stab at If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly. If a one-hour show would be fun for you, please reach out to us! Our show features a variety of standards, current songs, barbershop favorites, and even a sea shanty, to tell a story through music! We'd love to come perform for you!

We had SO MUCH fun with Rob Mance this week! He spent time with the chorus, with quartets, and with individuals, helping us find ways to sing better and more efficiently. We all came away with practical advice for ways we can improve. Also, we laughed -- who knew you could have quite so much fun learning? 

Here's bass Steve stabilizing his vocal instrument with the floor:

Here's our awesome lineup of basses, going through Rob's placement analysis:


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