Pirate Show - cheers to our principals!


We have a few more shout-outs to share as we wrap up our 2024 summer show, It's a Pirate's Love for Me! Here's a peek behind the scenes as the actors prepped for the show, along with the chorus...

Our Captain, Donovan:

Stingray Steve, played by Mark:

Lily, played by Libby:

Hammerhead Hannah, played by Melissa:

Daisy, played by Jamie:

And our fearless director, Elizabeth, having duties in both scenes, playing twin sisters Willow and One-Eyed Wanda

(Almost) last but not least, our main characters, Barnacle Bill and Rosie, played by Mike and Sarah. Here they are providing evidence of their commitment to the show -- some last-minute rehearsal time of the final scene in the back hall during intermission (also above):

Cheers to our principals, who brought this hilarious story to life!

And we can't forego mentioning our director, Chris, who brought an incredible vision to such polished fruition! Thanks, Chris, for sharing your skills and for inspiring us to want to create the best show possible!