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The SeaChordsmen have been rehearsing for our inaugural Singing Valentines over Zoom!  This is a live, personal, unique experience for each customer.  Your very own quartet will be talking with and then singing one of our three new, personalized, Valentine songs for you while watching you on the monitor:

Without that guy and his bald spot in the way, of course!

Details on how it works and ordering information here: How Zooming Valentines work | Seattle SeaChordsmen.  Hope we see you on Valentine's Day!

Singing again!

A SeaChordsmen VLQ (Very Large Quartet) was invited to sing at the special Queen Anne Farmer's Market Pumpkin Patch day on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  This was our first live public outing since our Holiday Show in 2019, and the quartets that delivered Singing Valentines in February, 2020.   It was great to be back!

It still being an active pandemic and all, we actually wore masks while singing, but we were smiling broadly behind them!

In honor of the opening of Sound Transit extending light rail to Northgate, the Seattle SeaChordsmen are proud to present the Northgate Link Line song!  The arrangement is the classic B&O Line with lyrics specially written by our own Drew Robinson.  Earlier this year the SeaChordsmen were able to start rehearsing together, safely, in the Northgate station parking garage by special arrangement with Sound Transit.  We present this song to thank them.

An intrepid SeaChordsmen VLQ (Very Large Quartet) premiered our "Thank You" to Sound Transit for use of their Northgate Station parking garage for rehearsals during the pandemic.  Our very own Drew Robinson (who introduces the song) wrote new lyrics to a classic barbershop song for the occasion. 

Once again, thanks to our arrangement with Sound Transit, another successful rehearsal in one of their garages last week, and another one coming up this week.  Still messing with the best way to balance all the parts, but it's getting a bit better each time!  Contact us if you want to join us!  Here is a short audio sample where Drew is rehearsing the last few chords of a Polecat!


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