Pirate Show at the Queen Anne Baptist Church


Thanks to everybody who came out to see our Silly Pirate show last weekend at the Queen Anne Baptist Church! We had a ton of fun performing for everybody! Here are some action photos...

Our fearless actors -- David as the captain, and Donovan as Barnacle Bill.

Elizabeth emboldens us to sing fully!

We are a menacing crew...

Some thanks are in order!

  • Thanks to all who came to the church to enjoy the show!
  • Thanks to the indefatigable Chris for being the lead for this show. We couldn't have done it without your hard work!
  • Thanks to the amazing Topher for designing all of the marketing materials for this show!
  • Thanks to our director for getting the best out of us, and ensuring we have tons of fun while we're at it.
  • Thanks to the Queen Anne Baptist Church community for being our home for so many years.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the QABC building fun. Donate here if you feel so inclined.

Look like fun? Join us for rehearsal some Tuesday evening!