Quartet Coaching with Joe Cerutti


We had an incredible time getting coached by Joe Cerutti as a chorus over the Labor Day weekend (see some photos HERE), but that wasn't all. We also spent the evening picking Joe's brain about chorus management and funding, and did some great big-picture thinking about the future of barbershop and the future of membership organizations. We had a great evening, and ended up with so much food for thought!

But that's STIILL not all! Joe spent time working with two of the quartets from the chorus who will be competing at the Evergreen District Competition in October, working with them on their contest songs. Here are some photos from Sunday morning, showing Joe's work with Top of the Hill and the Post-It Notes.

All of this was "coaching under glass," so any chorus member was welcome to come and watch and learn. Here are some folks who attended for the learning opportunity (and the warm croissants provided by Dave!)...

Thanks, Joe, for all the fun and guidance over the weekend!